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Youth and Children's Ministry

Youth and children's ministry plays a pivotal role at Christ Indianapolis United Methodist Church as it nurtures the spiritual development of the youngest members of the congregation. These ministries provide a safe and inclusive environment where children and youth can explore their faith, learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ, and develop a strong moral compass. By engaging young minds and hearts in meaningful activities, worship services, and educational programs, Christ Indianapolis United Methodist Church ensures that the next generation is well-equipped to carry forward the church's mission of spreading love, compassion, and justice in the world. These ministries also foster a sense of belonging and community, helping children and youth build lasting friendships and connect with mentors who guide them on their spiritual journeys. Ultimately, investing in youth and children's ministry ensures the future vitality and continuity of Christ Indianapolis United Methodist Church, as it empowers young individuals to become faithful, compassionate leaders and stewards of their faith.

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